Monday, February 6, 2012


I don't have any sisters. Growing up, I could never figure out why I would want one. I had a brother, and that was all I knew. When we were little, we were the best of friends and the worst of enemies all in the same hour. He bedgrudglingly played with Ken or a GI Joe when I played with my Barbies; we played CHiPS (he was always Ponch), rode bikes, played tag and all kinds of stuff. As we got older we were different and really weren't friends through middle and high school (and well, to be honest, we were never really close until we started families); we hung with different crowds and were just different kids. Sure, we'd punch each other from time to time, but basically we were indifferent to each other at worst. But, a sister? All my friends who had sisters, hated them. They were always fighting over stuff, and clothes, and chores, and boys and god knows what else. Maybe I didn't always like my brother, but I was sure glad he didn't have boobs.
I'm starting to rethink my theory.
It's an hour past bedtime, and they are up there talking, and singing and giggling. I went up twenty minutes ago to tell them to quiet down and go to sleep, and Tori was at the edge of her crib facing Dani, and Dani on the edge of her bed talking to Tori. Now they are more boisterous.
They are the best of friends, and at times, the biggest rivals. We hear lots of "my turn" in this house, because if you do it for Tori, whether it's a quick toss in the air, or a silly rib tickle, Dani will insist that it's her turn next. Tori does the same. If Dani sees Tori doing something naughty (usually of the mess making kind), Dani will begin the same naughty act, just because Tori is doing it.
They share their snacks, toys, and hiding places, chase each other around, and mimic each other's silliness. Sure, there's the occasional bite (by Tori) or kick or shriek (by Dani) but for the most part, they just seem to enjoy each other's company a lot.
It's pretty magical.
Sure, I know they are going to fight, over who has the better hair, or the cuter boyfriend, or about who got to wear their favorite pair of jeans last, but I'm starting to finally understand the joy of having a sister.
Now that we're grown, most of my friends with sisters tell me their sister is their best friend. Certainly as I grow and age, and friends come and go--our lives change so quickly that sometimes we just don't have enough in common to stay in close touch--and I miss them. But you always have something in common with a sister, even if it's only to commiserate on how crazy your mom was, as I am sure Dani and Tori will.
I'm glad they have each other, and even happier to get to watch them grow together.

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