Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oops, a Tommy guest post.

Hey, it's me, Tommy. I snuck on the computer so I can tell you about mommy's big scare this weekend. It started out simply enough...

....we were all in the playroom, me, mommy, Dani, and Tori. Daddy was upstairs in the shower. We had grandma and grandpa on speaker phone and Dani was talking a lot! Well, I saw this neat Hello Kitty card under the rug, and, when no one was looking I decided to taste it. It was pretty yummy.

But then something happened. I couldn't breathe. I tried to cough, but it didn't work. Mommy heard me and scooped me up into the right position and tapped in between my shoulder blades, and ran me upstairs to daddy. She was yelling for him while she ran, and I've never seen her move so fast. Whatever she did worked, because when she opened the shower door, daddy told her I was breathing and okay. She layed me down on her bed and I opened up my mouth so she could take the card out. And I was just fine. Mommy brought me downstairs and just held me and cried for a while. She sure seemed sad, and I couldn't figure out why. I was just fine. I'm pretty tough you know.
So, I talked to Dani and Tori about cheering mommy up; they agreed it was a good idea. We would start right after lunch. All that excitement made me hungry! Dani and Tori got booster chairs this weekend so they get to sit right at the table instead of in a high chair like me--they are so BIG! This means that now I have the high chair all to myself, which is good, because I like to eat. A LOT. And Tori always used to leave sticky stuff in it anyway. So, back to my story. First, they decided to sit right at the table and behave, mommy always likes it when we are good. Tori even used a fork, instead of her hands, so you can see we were really trying!
Then, we decided that some laughs were in order. We decided to be silly to cheer mommy up. Dani broke out the old 'stache. That's always good for a laugh or two.
And Tori, she's always super silly. She dressed up like a flower and just danced around until mommy was happy again! Then it was time for my nap. I like naps, almost as much as I like eating. Hmmm, I'm getting hungry, so I'm going to go fuss a little so mommy fixes me a bottle. Bye bye!

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