Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family time.

It was a rare weekend--Big Man had Friday and Saturday nights off. As per the usual--he was so tired on Friday, after a six day week, that he sacked out early. But on Saturday, we actually had dinner together and watched a movie--just like real married folk!

And we drove to Columbia County to attend the Columbia-Greene Humane Society Paw Picnic at the Waldorf Farm. A client of mine in Columbia County is a big benefactor--and invited us to join her and her friends and family.

Dani really didn't want to sit still at the table....not while there were so many things to see!
She did agree to pose for a quick family photo before she took off to see the farm and all the horsies. (of course we can't show Big Man's face on the world wide web!)

She ran and ran all over the grounds.

She followed horsies, and teen girls, and babies in strollers. She was so bold. She saw a group of three teen girls sitting under a tree texting, walked up, said hi, and started yelling "horsies", "hi", and my favorite, "wiggles" while dancing! The teens just laughed and smiled.
She had a blast. From the stable hands to the families with strollers, Dani wouldn't sit still and had to smile at, and run after everyone, saying "hi'. So flippin' cute.

This cuteness was prompted by a stable hand who asked Dani if she was trying to climb the tree or if she was hiding behind a tree. That made Dani grab the trunk and lift her legs to try to climb it! End result was cute pics. She also ran around looking for "horsies" which were everywhere, in stables and the grounds...there was one instance where I had to stop her from charging the legs of a horse walking by!

It was a nice day out--but hard. Big Man sat in the tent with our friends and Tori, and I ran around outside with Dani. Once she had eaten, she refused to go back into the tent. Since we were at the reserved table at the front of the auction, I knew I couldn't make a big scene. I tried to carry Dani in to see daddy and Tori--and was met with screamy/squirmy and laying flat on the ground--we left so that the auction could continue without Dani's disruption!

I'm having an awful time trying to get a video to upload, so I'm calling it a night. Cute video to follow at some point.

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