Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It starts with a turkey.

 A big turkey, deep fried with love.  Well maybe not love, it was mostly deep fried so the oven was free for ham and other yummies.  But damn, it was tasty.
Add a side of grandma and grandpa, and after the turkey, you just NEED a nap.
And, don't forget grandma--she's good at snuggling too!
 And cousins, even though you don't see them often, there is just an intangible bond.
 Not to mention, a bitchin' 'fro to check out.
 A pause for a group photo of most of the kiddos!
 A little time for telling secrets.
And woosh, it's over.  Everyone heads out and says goodbye.  But, when they return, it will feel as though they never left.

And then life gets back to normal again.  We feast on leftovers and pack up table leafs, until next time.  And we go back to the day to day.

Some days, like today, just start well. 
I was having a conversation in the kitchen this morning with the Big Man, and he just interrupted me.
"Doll, you look so pretty," he said as he put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.  (He's super sick, so no real kisses.)  I smiled all morning, literally.  Too often we are headed in different directions.  I walk in the door, attacked by kids, and the "I'm home" kiss that was always for Big Man, never makes it to him these days, because I can't make my way through the cries of "Mommy's home!" and running and hugging little people.  I hope he knows, I'm kissing him in my mind, even if I don't make it to him.  He's still the guy that gives me butterflies in my tummy, and makes me feel like the prettiest girl at the ball, even if there's no ball, and compliments are rare.

It's the little things, folks.  In every thing you do.

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