Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mouths of babes.

Dani:  " I wish Daddy wasn't sleeping so he could have dinner with us tonight."
Tori: "Yes, Daddy has a good moustache."

"Can I be a lawyer like you when I grow up mommy?  Will you share your dresses with me, because I will need them to be a good lawyer?"  (Dani)

"Teeth are white because they've been in your mouth."  (Dani)

While watching Sprout last night, I pointed out to Dani that the host was pregnant.  Dani asked how I knew and I told her to look at the woman's big round belly.  "But mommy, you have a big, round belly.  Are you pregnant too?"  When I told her that I was not pregnant, but that when you have had a number of babies in your tummy, that sometimes it can still be big for a while.  With an apologetic face, Dani told me, "I'm really sorry we did that to your belly, mommy."

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