Sunday, November 25, 2012

We blink.

"We blink so our eyes don't get frozen'd," says Dani.
"Can we get a pet goldfish when Scrubbie cat doesn't meow anymore?" said Dani.
You can't make this stuff up.
We had a busy week. 
Getting ready for a houseful of family for Thanksgiving was a challenge.
Tommy challenged Daddy to a stare-down.
 And, I tried to get a group shot of my little turkeys.  Tori is all, "WTF is this", while Dani sings some opera...while Tommy is mister, oh yeah, baste me.
 And in typical Tori fashion, she smiles while everyone else is distracted.
 Dani, famous for her "crazy eyes", finally convinces Tori to just hide.  Tori's had enough.
 But WAIT!  Three little kids, in three silly hats, all looking at the camera at the SAME TIME?
 And Tommy is all "Screw this, I posed long enough.  I'm out."
Christ on a cracker, I'm going to need an intervention for the Christmas photo!

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