Thursday, November 29, 2012

The things they say (and the cute ways they say it)!

 Sometimes is the mispronounced words that are the cutest.
Tonight, at dinner, Tori was telling us, "It smelled like a stinky stunk."  Dani kept correcting her, saying, "No, Tori, it's a skunk," to which Tori would say, "no, it's a stinky stunk".

And Dani is just downright conversational these days.
And. She. Never. Stops. Talking.
Tonight, as I was changing after work, she came bounding out of my bedroom saying, "Mommy, I put chap-stick on my face so it wouldn't get cracked up."
This morning, we were driving to Miss Ruth's house, listening to nursery rhymes.  "This Old Man" was on.  Dani yells out, "Mommy, stop the music!"  I mute the sound and she exclaims, "Mommy, knee sounds like three!  You can turn the song back on now."

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