Thursday, April 24, 2008

coming soon--photos!

We haven't exactly entered the digital age here at casa de B. My desktop computer is from my first year of law school (2001); my laptop is pretty old too, old enough not to have a single input for a digital camera memory card, I learned today. But that's okay, I don't actually own a digital camera. I use film.

But tonight I borrowed my friend Dave's digital camera, as I'd like to post photos. I just thought I'd take a bunch of pictures of things I'd eventually want to write about, and have them saved into my hard drive for that time. And, I didn't really want to have to ask Dave to download and burn a cd with pictures of the cats, my pimpin' Buick, or the other random shit I wanted to take pictures of. But, my laptop does not have a slot for a memory card. Neither does my PC, but it does take floppy discs (yes it's that old.) So, good ol' Dave will have to burn me a CD or email me the pics, so they will be along eventually. It was funny, when he offered to upload (download?) the photos if my machines were too obsolete I told him that they weren't the kind of photos that I wanted him to see. (hmmm.) He said, "oh, private photos," and was thinking, no doubt that lysol wipes would be needed to sterilize the camera upon return, and probably wishing he didn't agree to loan me the camera (and hoping to hell I knew how to delete, lest he see the deviant photos I was sure to take). To which I replied, "No, just pictures of dumb shit for my blog." He was probably relieved.

So, trip to the OB tomorrow. I'll get to see the little lentil bean as I'm scheduled for an ultrasound. I'll also get to see if the fibroid grew at all. Hoping that works out okay.

I do have a scanner--also circa about 2001, but that means if I get an ultrasound photo, I can post it! So stay tuned!

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