Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who haven't I told yet?

Short of a mass email, I can't seem to refrain from telling everyone I see the baby news.

I really would like a glass of wine or three--last time around, I remember immediately feeling different, like my body knew that alcohol would be bad, and I just didn't want it. We had people over for dinner Saturday, and they gave us a really nice bottle of Sauvignon blanc, which will just have to wait for me, I suppose. Only about 8 months, but then breastfeeding, so longer.

Went to Target baby online today. Created a registry. I don't even know what I will want or need, but since I'm used to online shopping every few days, this was the next best thing--I just kept adding things to the list, and it felt as good as online shopping! Too bad I didn't think of this years ago! Anyway, I can go back and delete the items, and start over whenever I feel the shopping bug hit me again....which should be in about 5 days or so.

Man, I'm tired!

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