Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wine without alcohol just ain't wine!

We had a dinner party last night, planned pre-pregnancy. Events at our house generally involve lots of food and plenty of libations. So, yesterday, I purchased a bottle of Sutter Home Fre Chardonnay, 2004. Apparently they remove the alcohol from the wine, and it looks just like wine, with a cork and all. I actually enjoy the taste of wine and though this would be a fun way to partake without telling the group I'm with child.

Silly me.

I actually thought that it would be like real wine. It even had a year on the bottle! I generally wouldn't buy Sutter Home for myself, but the two brands were that and Inglenook, and it was the lesser of two evils.

Don't try this at home.

When they remove the alcohol, it turns back into grape juice. Really. Tasted nothing like wine. So, save your $5.99 and buy real grape juice, at least there will be vitamins, and you'll get about 3x as much.

How is it that only two days of knowing that I'm pregnant, I am like a walking, talking, exhausted zombie. I think it has to be all in my head, because I can't go from feeling fine on Thursday to feeling like my limbs are filled with sand on Sunday?

Time for a nap.

The picture at the right is hubby at about age 7. Cutest thing I've ever seen. Hope the baby looks just like him!

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