Friday, May 16, 2008

Comic book movies are for guys.

I took the day off today. It's been a long week of late nights and I just felt like being a slug. And, since the big man had last night off, we could hang together all day!

So, he cooked me a breakfast feast--pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee.
I'm sad to report that I'm back to being "egg-tose intolerant" (Wes-speak coined during last pregnancy for my total aversion to cooked eggs), and even the bacon was not doing it for me. Thank god for the pancakes. Carbs are my friend. I would be happy these days to subsist on beef, chocolate, vanilla yogurt, and white cheddar cheez-its. I've just become so damn picky, and I always want sweet stuff--I even baked a cake on Sunday, a layer cake, with frosting in the middle (certainly a who are you and what did you do with Bethany event). And, I'm sad to report that I can't really bring myself to eat salad. And I LOVE salad--eat it every day for lunch, or I did until this week.

Anyway, I digress. We decided to go see Iron Man at the new-ish Bow Tie cinemas in Schenectady--an awesomely huge theater with great sound and seats and everything.
It's apparently the biggest movie of the year, but I thought it was kind of lame. *Spoiler alert*
When the iron man guy got kidnapped by terrorists there was shrapnel in his heart so some guy hooked up a car battery and magnet to his heart to keep the shrapnel from killing him. Thing I didn't get was that when he got back to the states, he upgraded the battery-magnet thing--INSTEAD of just having a doctor take out the shrapnel?? So the guy has a stupid cylindrical opening in his chest that, when changing the powersource, people can just reach in with their bare, unwashed hands into his chest cavity to plug it in. It just made no sense to me. And I like Terrance Howard better when he's a pimp--he just didn't articulate all of his words well enough to be a senior military official. And the iron man's assistant as his love interest, blah blah blah. And I just don't like Robert Downey Jr. so much either. Anyway, comic-book reading hubby thought it was great, and I got to eat movie theater popcorn so it was a win for all.


Fermi said...

I enjoyed your review of Iron Man.

I saw it last week as a favor to my husband and I enjoyed it because of its "smart" dialog. That and the fact that it was more real-life than superman or batman.

I didn't know it was supposed to be the movie of the year either.

Royal-T said...

I haven't seen the movie, I'm not even sure what it's about BUT...has anyone caught the Trick My Truck episode on CMT where they make the cab (a Kenworth, I believe) look like Iron Man? Man, I don't care who you are or where you come from, that's some good TV right there.