Friday, May 2, 2008

Girl Power!

I went to a chamber of commerce event tonight for women only. We're forming a group called "WoW", for Women of Worth--an interesting label, because during the intro it was expressly explained to us that by "worth" they weren't talking money. So, I like the play on words, and well, with the new job and all, I sure wouldn't have made the cut if it was net worth for admission! Anyway, I met a number of women business owners who all work in my community, many of whom, even after all of my involvement in politics, I had never met. Women who are successful, and interesting, and who I could potentialy learn from and refer clients to. I am pleasantly surprised about what a success it was and I'm looking forward to working more to help this group grow and develop. I think I had to be the youngest woman there, which is neat because there is so much wisdom in the room, and so much for me to learn!

Girl Power!!

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