Friday, May 9, 2008

Our plan to stimulate the economy.

We've decided to use the stimulus check to buy a new laptop and digital camera. We're really in the dark ages now, so in June, we will begin shopping. Just doing our part to end the recession.

Until then, I made an ebay purchase--a digital camera. A cheap one. A really cheap one. It was $4.99, plus $5 shipping, has a very small memory, bad resolution but connects to my computer via USB cable. Since my expectations are zero, I won't be disappointed. Seriously, this thing has no flash, no zoom, and exactly two buttons--one to set the resolution mode from crappy to craptastic, and one to snap the photo. Love it!

Because I stubbornly failed to read the 3 page manual, I am unable to upload the photos I took. However, hubby played around with it in my absence and managed to snap a few. Looks like a cell phone photo, but hey, for ten bucks, I think it rocks! Behold the photo quality:

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Royal-T said...

I think your camera quality ROCKS, sister! I mean at least it's good for making Shady, Shady, Crazy Lady look like her coat is full & luxurious! You go with that $10 toward stimulating the economy - I think now the genius behind our fab President's stimulus package is revealed. I skipped spending the $10 on consumer goods & wrote a check directly to the shareholders of Exxon.