Sunday, January 25, 2009

Magic sand.

Remember the magic sand you could buy when we were kids that would be magically dry when you scooped it out of the water?

My baby's poop is like magic sand at times, thank god.

Last night, Dani goes to sleep around 10:45pm. She starts to stir at 3:00am, and so I turn on the little light and give her a pacifier to try to stretch the sleepy time. She goes back to sleep until 4:45am!!! That's right. Six hours.

So, I change her (wet) and am giving her a bottle in my bed when the action begins. Commence the rooty-toot-toots, and I know I am going to have another, more interesting diaper to change.

Perhaps it was because she was sitting on my lap, and the poop had no where to go, that the poop was able to defy the laws of gravity and travel up. Because up it traveled.

Brought her to the changing table, and noticed, there was a little bit of leakage in the front, not a big deal. Lift up her little tiny feet and there was back leakage too. Like magic sand, the poop had instantly dried to her back (thank god) because it was all the way up her back and in between her shoulder blades! In the span of about 5 minutes (need to make sure she's done so there aren't changing table blowouts) the poop had dried to her body--it looked like she was at a spa having an algae-mud treatment. A case of wipes, a receiving blanket (to cover the poop that was all over the changing table cover) and several wet washcloths later, I was left with a semi-clean happy baby who went right back to sleep so mommy could powerwash the crud off her hands.

Fun times.


Andromeda said...

during the first few months of Dorian's life he insisted in pooping in only clean diapers. i swear, he held on to that shit until he was in a clean, dry diaper. all diaper changes became DOUBLE diaper changes. most of the time, we had barely made it out of the room when the root-a-toot-tooting began.

thankfully Dani's poop is magic sand poop. now, if ALL diaper poop would be like that. :)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to play with magic sand again.