Monday, January 12, 2009

One month update!

I swear, this kid was smiling, and I took like 15 pictures, and she would stop the smile each time the thing snapped! But, darn it, ain't she precious???
We went to the doctor for the one month visit today:
Dani is 10lbs, 1/2 oz; 21 1/2" long
She has moved from the 50th percentile (1 week) to the 75% percentile in all categories, meaning she's bigger and stronger than 75% of babies her age--and she's moved proportionally in all categories, which is ideal--head circumference, height and weight all are 75% now (you don't want a tiny head and fat baby, etc....) so doc was happy. I have been having massive PAIN in my right (non-dominant) wrist, and told him--apparently common in women with babies, (who never use their thumbs on remote controls, video game joysticks or beating off) exacerbated by my new laptop with the thumb button in lieu of touch screen--some nerve gets really he put a 2" needle into my wrist with steroids and lydocaine, the lydocaine so I could use the hand for awhile and the shot wouldn't hurt so damn bad. Doc said it would hurt a ton tonight when the numby stuff wore off. Home now and my wrist is angry--as is my baby who has screamed for the past hour (despite changing, and feeding, and loving, the vibrating chair. and burping--she is now making this adorably fake frowny face which is the cutest thing EVER--she's been held almost constantly for two weeks by very loving family members--sorry kid, time for the cold hard reality of your padded bassinet, what a mean mommy I am.
I go back to work full time Wednesday. Tonight will involve (a) possibly (hopefully?) drinking heavily, despite the fact that I will be regretting it at 2am; (b) being sad about going back to work; (c) more shizzle best left for another day.

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philmary said...

Looks like a nice alert baby holding head up, with steady gaze.