Saturday, October 3, 2009

Catching up.

It's been an incredibly busy week. I've been light on taking and posting pictures. (sorry dad)

I worked for a big chunk of the day today, and brought some home for tonight, so don't have much time.

Every morning we vacuum the whole downstairs, as Dani spends most of the day on the floor. We generally keep her away from the cord, but she is always trying to get it. Here's a great example of stellar parenting: photo op, then safety.

Somebody likes looking out the front door. I was putting pumpkins on the front porch today, and had to grab the camera once I noticed Dani smooshing her face against the glass.

And a little closer up (a big shout out to Tara who gave Dani the awesome Supergirl shirt):

Big Man has been home for the past two nights. That meant we went out to dinner last night with David and Gail--to the Cock N Bull for a nice firelit dinner, and a tasty Big Man breakfast today. Here's some Dani sillies during breakfast:

She was giggling so much better before the camera was turned on!

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