Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween countdown...costume 2.

"Mommy if I wear the costume and don't cry while you take my picture, will you let me climb the stairs?"
Is I posted last week, I managed to amass a number of Halloween costumes for Dani. One was given to us, two I bought on ebay, and one I saw in the store and just had to buy.

I said I'd post the other costumes that Dani won't be wearing on Halloween (although I'm really torn about this one). I did make a really cool Halloween card that I will post with all the costumes closer to Halloween, but I will be posting a different costume each week until Halloween.
This is Dani's fierce lion face:
This adorable costume is from Aimee, who's little guy Liam wore it last year. It is super, super cute!

The happy lion pictures came just before Mad Cow. Dani has a one costume limit, per day, apparently.

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Royal-T said...

Roarrrrrrrrrrr.......I LOVE this one! Tough choices!