Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane.

(mmmm, tasty pumpkin)

Tomorrow Dani and I are headed to NC. Yes, I will be the lady with the squirmy baby who is probably crying next to you. But, if you feed her or play peekaboo, maybe she won't fuss. She's never been on a plane before. And, I've never been on a plane with a baby before. Well, I've been on a plane with other people's babies and have really not enjoyed myself what with all the screaming and crying and all. But I've never been on a plane with my baby before, so you better not f&*k with me, because believe me, I will be more stressed than you.

AND. I'm. not. taking. my. laptop. (deep breaths) And I'm only bringing a little bit of work, so that means it may actually feel like a vacation...wow. Full disclosure: I wanted to bring my laptop, but with only one carryon, the diapers, toys, spare clothes and baby crap won out. Does that make me a grownup?
That also means, unless I use my Dad's along with his camera, you peeps will just have to wait until Sunday for pics of our trip. I have a feeling that somehow I figure I will find a way to post.

Big Man newsflash: Dani took two steps for him today. She was leaning on one part of the sectional and took steps to him...I predict that with 4 days of Grandma and Grandpa's expert coaching, she will be walking. Do they make those gerbil spinny balls for babies? That's about the only thing that is going to keep her from banging every part of her body on the incredibly kid-friendly wood floors, stairs, etc., that we have everywhere.

And, little Pumpkin did not make the Halloween costume cut. So, Dani won't be wearing this one either--although it is damn cute!

In a fantasy football update--I'm ranked number one in my officefootballpool.com online league with about 50 people in it. I think they are mostly lawyers. I keep bouncing back and forth between first and second, and my arch enemy and rival TINTIN is constantly threatening to take my lead away. I'm coming for you TINTIN.

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Jackie said...

awwww but I love da pumpkin mom!!