Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well we didn't actually go camping. We drove to visit our friends who were camping. There was a whole big possee of folks we knew with their campers and motorhomes, and we popped in for a few hours. It was a great excuse for Dani to play in the dirt with a bunch of other kids, and for Big Man and I to talk to other adults. And a great opportunity for other adults to get to hold our baby, who was decidedly non-screamy while we were there.
Dani had a blast! She got to eat tons of food and play with dogs and kids! Here she is with my Aunt Renny.
It was just nice to get out for a few hours; we even grabbed a soft serve cone on the way home-- my first since Tori was born.
Things have just been kicking my butt this week. Work's slamming busy, a good thing. Dani is talking up a storm. But Tori.
Oh, my little Tori. She seems to have a fussy period that coincides from the minute I walk in the door until about 10pm. The unconsolable kind of fussy.
It looks kind of like this.

I'm sure you can imagine the corresponding wailing. I don't remember Dani being this fussy for no reason. There was always some cause--gassy, or we missed her sleep window and she was overtired, etc. Tori doesn't need (or have) a reason to fuss and fuss and fuss.
I've instructed Big Man that he has 5 weeks to fix it...because this will be hard to handle flying solo. Send my baby some calming thoughts, kay?

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MindFull of Me -S. McHugh said...

Hi Beth,

Do you think Tori might be experiencing colic? Sophie had a slight bout with colic and we researched and found this natural reliever called Colic Calm (if you haven't already heard about it). It is awesome and it worked on Sophie instantly; we still give it to her has charcoal which really helps to relive her gassiness and stomach upset. It's basically the same as gripe water and you can order it online. Just fyi...hope the info helps.