Monday, August 23, 2010

Compliments of Big Man.

It's a rare day when Big Man fires up the camera. I'm always urging him to do it, but he claims I already take more pictures than necessary. But every once in a while, like tonight, when he and the kids are asleep, I turn on the camera just to see if there are any surprises. Tonight, there were some good ones.

Tori looks like a deer in headlights. Now that Dani understands how cameras work and that she can make faces and pose and then see herself, she gets even more excited about taking pictures--but she's harder to keep still to pose. I am afraid it is time to rename McScreamy. Sure, she's fussy from time to time, but now she mostly smiles and chirps. She literally wakes up smiling. For now, she shall be known as McSmiley.
And, now that McSmiley is showing a bit of personality, Dani is much more interested in her. She talks to her and calls out "Tori" regularly. If you leave Tori alone for a minute, you will return to Dani sitting with her. If Tori starts to fuss, Dani will leave the room and return with a bib or a swaddle blanket, or will tell us to get "baby milk". She does not, however want Tori to have anything to play with.

Tori's teething, and the other night I gave her Dani's stuffed bunny to chew on. This is one of approximately 4700 stuffed things in the house. The look on Dani's face was first, shock. Mommy was a traitor who had clearly betrayed her first born. Then, it was pure baby rage. Dani, who literally has not played with the bunny in months, started yelling "waaaaaabbbbit" and crying and carrying on. I explained to her that Tori was playing with it and that we could get another stuffed animal for Dani. So I got a stuffed cow for Dani to hold. After a few more minutes of her loud protestations that she needed the wabbit, I told her that she could trade with Tori and that she could have the rabbit if Tori could have the cow.

I performed the swap.

Dani was still not pleased. (Truth be told, the bunny was pretty wet with Tori's slobber.) She hugged it, sniffed it and declared "baby milk" and flung it back at me. Apparently, the bunny was now tainted with the scent of formula and therefore unloveable.

A truce was made, and sealed with an episode of the Wiggles, and all was well.

Big Man managed to get a video of the in the recliner together (or "daddy's chair" as Dani calls it when I sit in it).

Good work, Big Man.

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