Saturday, August 7, 2010

Riding in cars with boys.

Today one of my oldest and dearest friends was in town. Janine Nelsen (nee West). I brought Dani and Tori to her mom and dad's house this morning, and it was a blast. Janine's got 3 little ones, her sister has two, (and there were dogs!) and my two meant that there was, shrieking, bubble blowing, pogo stick jumping and everything fun you can imagine.

AND, a car. A big, red car. With the letters "mustang" on the side, which Dani was happy to spell out, before she got to ride in it. At first, she just watched all the other kids drive and ride in it. When the car was close, she would run up to it and yell "red" and try to push the buttons on the dash.

Imagine her excitement when she was able to ride in it! Charlie Susi was happy to be the driver. But, first he made sure Dani's seat belt was fastened, and then they started zipping around the driveway.

Dani also rode with Janine's youngest, Clara Bea, who is 3. (It's funny because Dani at 20 months is as big as Clara at 3 years!) Dani ultimately refused to get out of the car, and encouraged all of the older kids to drive her around, saying "more" and "again". Janine's oldest, Ella, also gave Dani a ride!

It's so fun to see Dani with other kids and Tori too. Tori didn't make a peep, despite being held by everyone.

Last night we found a cute, little beret that I don't think Dani ever wore. Tori loved it, and was super-smiley at daddy.

And, a quick video clip of the car ride.

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