Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strollin', strollin', strollin'

I picked up an awesome double stroller on craigslist. It's kind of odd how I so often end up knowing or having some connection to the anonymous poster, and in this case I did. The stroller was a screaming deal, and I've been taking the kiddos out for walks after work.
I figure I need to post some pics tonight, because it's Big Man's last night of work, and then he has a week off, so we will be like an actual married couple, having dinner together and spending time together next week, so don't expect much from me.

Here's Little Hoss. She's huuuuuuuuuge. She's got her 4 month doctors visit in a couple of weeks (late because the doc's on vacation) and I'm sure she's going to far outweigh Dani--she's definitely as long, but I am not sure she's too much longer. She's busting out of 6 months clothes--built like a little fire plug, she is.

Dani had her weekly playdate today, and I came home to the cutest hairdo!

That's all for now. The 3 long weeks Big Man works kill me. I'm tired and lonely. And, I try to leave work early so he can get more sleep (somehow trying to justify the opening of my own practice--I can bring work home and you can get another half-hour of sleep.) Thus, I plan to enjoy next week immensely.

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