Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mommy has silly friends, a Tori guest post.

Hello again, it's me, Tori. Dani went to sleep already so I snuck onto the computer to say hi. Don't tell her--she's still not so good at sharing. She's getting better though. It's probably getting easier for her because I'm getting so cute, that it's hard to say no to me.
It was my mommy's birthday a few weeks ago. She's really old--37! I don't know much about birthdays but they seem like fun. You get to have cake! I don't really know what cake is, but mommy and Dani sure seemed excited about it when daddy baked it. And people give you presents and sing songs to you.

Today one of mommy's friends sent her a present. It came in a big box! She said it was from her friend Chang, who I guess is one of her and Daddy's bestest friends from college--there are a bunch of pictures around the house with him in them. I can't wait to meet him, because he seems like he must be funny--his present made mommy laugh.

He sent her a toilet seat that had a painting about baseball. You can see the little boy's booty on it.

Mommy says thanks Chang! She says she's going to make daddy answer any questions Dani has about the picture, though. I'm not really sure why. Anyway, I'm getting hungry now, so I'm going to cry for a bit until someone brings me a bottle. Life is good. Bye bye!

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