Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh yeah, that other kid.

I know that it must seem like I'm favoring Dani, since she's more often the focus of my posts. But, (sorry Tori) she's a little more exciting than Tori at this stage (ok, a LOT more exciting) and she's talking in sentences and stuff! And Tori, well she's super on-track for being almost 5 months old, but let's face it folks, 5 months is just less interesting than 21 months.

But we love her just the same! You may remember that back in the Dani-baby days, the 'mote was off limits. Here, daddy is teaching Tori about his favorite toy.
Tori is always focused on Dani, just hoping that Dani will pay her some mind. She's always staring at Dani, trying to make eye contact and laughing at everything Dani does. Dani likes to yell "Tori get me" which is code for me to scoop Tori up and help Tori chase Dani around the house, ultimately ending with Tori hopping on top of Dani and (mommy) saying "got you".

Tori's also finally figuring out baby food. She really doesn't get it down too well. So, we tried other soft stuff, and found that our 5 month old who can't (or won't?) master a spoon of stage 1 prunes, can power down a bowl of mashed potatoes! (below--prune fail)
So, Tori's fun too. And we love her lots, even if she's under-represented in my posts these days.

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