Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crayons are fun!

I am a daily visitor to They have four daily deals--a regular woot, which is typically something relating to technology (I bought a digital camera, printer, mp3, etc., from them)--a kids woot (where I have bought everything from nightlights to sleep sacks, etc.)--to shirt woot(where there is a daily graphic tee, and I've gotten some awesome ones, including tons of gifts) to the wine woot (I've ordered there too--usually good smaller vineyards with good ratings). And shipping is always flat-rate $5, whether you get a little or big thing. But I digress. The point of this is that I just got my most recent woot in the mail--a Crayola Ta-Doodler. It was a screaming deal--like $4.99 with $5 shipping. At this point with the obscene amount of toys in my house, I'm not looking to add to it, but. this. looked. so. fun.

It has a light up tummy and plays music and the light up tummy makes the crayon writings look really bright and cool. (Best part is that the tummy wipes clean after the crayons write on it!)

Dani loved it. She colored and sang and was happy. She was so into it that once I was comfortable enough to think she could handle the crayon-holders and not make a huge mess, I went into the kitchen and left her to her art. However, her paper art changed when unsupervised by mommy and became body art.
She drew herself a little green mustache. Which she didn't want wiped off.
And, in other news, Big Man snapped the cutest pic of McSmiley:

She has turned into the happiest, smily-est kid ever! (But when she is angry, she sounds like an angry alley cat in a fight---all screechy!


Bill said...
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Bill said...

I love! Man, when they have a woot off, you can pretty much kiss the whole day goodbye.