Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thick as thieves, almost.

Today, I had a little foreshadowing into the closeness Dani and Tori will share when they are just a little bit older. Dani wanted to sit with Tori "under Daddy's covers" (which means the blanket nearest Big Man's couch spot". Dani proceeded to snuggle and give her repeated kisses on her head. Every few minutes, Tori, an inexperienced sitter, would flop over onto Dani, which would send her into hysterics! Shouts of "Tori get me" and Dani racing off the couch, with the expectation that I would scoop Tori up (I did) and chase Dani around the house saying "Tori's gonna get you", while she squeals and halfheartedly tries to run away.It's so neat to see them have this bond--they are so interested in each other but only on their terms. For Dani, it's when Mickey Mouse isn't on, and when she's sure she's getting enough attention from Big Man or me, that she will focus on Tori and just try to make her laugh and smile, or just be close to her. Tori's pretty young still, but if I hold her near Dani, she constantly moves her feet or hands near to Dani to touch her. Which, to Dani, is Tori hitting and kicking, but she doesn't seem to mind, because deep down she knows Tori's a baby.

Someone please remind me of this tenderness when, in the not so distant future, I am reporting that they are beating the stuffing out of each other? (and/or fighting over clothes, toys, boys, etc.)

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