Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bouncing back.

After a brutal few weeks of work, I needed a weekend like this one.  Nothing but sun, and fun, and family.  We swam, we played in the sprinklers, and just enjoyed every minute of the weekend.
Dani and Tori bounced at Spring Fling in downtown Amsterdam.  They saw their first carnies, too.

Then we went to a rockin' party at a friend's.  It was a beautiful night to be outside; they had a reggae band which had the girls moving and grooving.  I totally didn't want to leave--but it was kiddie bedtime!  I tried hard to get pics with all the kids, but it was a fail.

It was impossible to get all three to even look at the camera together, much less smile!

They spent
 the night
 (seltzer) with
 lemon through
cocktail straws.

Once again, Dani and Tori ended the night rocking in the hammock.

Then (almost) everyone slept all night long.  Tori had a bad dream and made a brief 2am detour into our bed.  She woke up yelping, and when I walked into her room, she practically sprung out of the crib and into my arms.  So I brought her into our bed, and she was still and quiet for a few minutes--lying in wait--because as soon as I fell back to sleep she started bouncing on the bed!  Big Man intervened and put her back to bed, and all was quiet again.

Today was a day of, as Dani would say, big pool, little pool and the sprinkler.  It was in the 80s and we were outside nearly all day--it was lovely.

At breakfast this morning, Dani had a page from a kid's magazine that had a connect the dots puzzle.  I helped her with the writing, and then she kept drawing.  The picture was a turtle standing on a bit of land in the water.  She decided that we should draw ourselves in as pirates, and that the paper was the treasure map, and that it showed where the buried treasure was.  When I asked her what the treasure was, she told me it was a secret.  When I asked her again she told me the treasure was "gold and sporks".  Thinking I heard her wrong, I asked her what a spork was, to which she answered, "it's half a spoon and half a fork and that's why we call it a spork".  And apparently, in this house, sporks are treasure!

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