Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sisters picnic.

It's finally feeling like summer!  We're opening the pool.  Dani and Tori enjoyed a fruity lunch plate on the deck this afternoon.
They've been as thick as thieves lately.  It is so neat to watch them just become friends.  Like any siblings, there's still a ton of rivalry.  Once I do something with one, the other is always headed my way saying "my turn". 
But these two have what I remember having with my brother, Todd, a built-in playmate.  And it's pretty awesome.  Someone to be silly with, to tattle on, to blame when you get caught, and to stay up past bedtime talking to.
And just someone to chill with when you need to relax.

Tommy looks at them with the biggest smiles.  I know he can't wait to join the posse.

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