Friday, May 18, 2012

Girls' Night Out.

We had a special outing this week.  Big Man was going to receive an award from his police department for exceptional merit.  The girls and I got dressed up (little Tommy stayed home with a sitter) and headed to Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady for the big event--which would run well into bedtime.  Tori was very excited!
 We were able to snap a quick pic before Big Man was shuffled away.

Dani and Tori anxiously waited.  We sat as high up as we could, so we'd have a row to ourselves.  I brought drinks and snacks and toys.  As soon as the ceremony started, the questions started.  "Where's my daddy?  I don't see him.  Is he down there?"  A number of people were honored that evening, and the girls were thrilled to clap for everyone, in between the running in our row and playing.

They got to see their Daddy, in dress uniform, receive an award which to them was "for putting the bad guys in jail".

I got to see my husband, the playful and nurturing daddy by day, who never talks too much about work, but who I always knew was excellent at his craft, set yet another wonderful example for our children.

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