Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

There are lots of nights that I have to prepare dinner, but I can't really trust the kids to be alone in the living room while I'm doing it.

So on those nights we break the "no kitchen" rule.  Dani and Tori set up shop on the floor and "cook" while I'm cooking.

Even Tommy's getting in on the game--he sits in a high chair and chomps on whatever he can get his hands on.
The girls are happily my taste-testers, making sure noodles are cooked, just making "cheep cheep" little birdie noises so I will feed them bites as I prepare dinner.  It's adorable.

Silly Dani quote of the day, "I'm doing my favorite thing, mommy, driving you crazy."

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