Sunday, January 10, 2010

After jinxing myself by telling my cousin that I never get sick while pregnant on Thursday, I woke up sick on Friday, and ended up leaving work early. Still feeling not quite up to par. It's been a crazy week, and I haven't posted much...much to the dismay of my loyal readers (dad).

Dani's been entertaining herself by flipping through photo albums and looking at pictures of herself.

Big Man also, without prompting, put on his Flash shirt to match Danit today. It was super cute.
Dani's really walking like a champ, tearing around the house as fast as she can go. She often tries to carry things or drink from her cup while walking which has less than ideal results.
Here's a set of videos, where you will hear a part of the oft repeated mantra, "Dani, no kitchen, no bathroom, no stairs," which is said dozens of times per day, in varying order. It will give you a sense of how good she's doing at walking.

Big Man has the night off, so getting ready for some couch snuggle time!

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Bill said...

The Flash pic kicks ass!