Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family day.

Big Man had the last two nights off, so we just had a great weekend of family time. Lots of sleep and just hanging out. We traded days getting up in the morning with Dani so we each got to sleep in one morning. Even had our own "date night" last night where we snuggled on the couch watching the newest Harry Potter movie.
Got Dani tucked in for the night, and after a few minutes she was unusually fussy. I sent Big Man up to check things out because something told me it was out of the ordinary. I hear Dani fussing as he's going up the stairs, and then all out wailing a minute later. The wailing gets louder and louder so I go upstairs to inspect. I walk into her room...she's screaming, and he's holding her and covered in puke. (Better him than me.) So, tubby time, laundry, and Dani snuggling downstairs with Big Man for a little while so we could make sure she was okay. She was. About 30 minutes later I gave her a bottle, and she went right to sleep. Here she is post-bath wearing her new bunny sleeper.
Even the Bears played well today. Other than the puke-apolypse, it was a great day.

It's so fun to watch Dani walk around the house.

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