Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry Dad.

I've been pretty busy, and my Dad reminded me that I haven't been posting much. There are, obviously, a lot of factors affecting that. One was that Big Man was home every night last week, so I wasn't by mysef all night after Dani went to bed, so I wasn't online as much. The other--well, the whole new office thing.

But, first things first, here you go Dad, your little sweeting playing with her baby dolls' bottle.
I'm excited about so many things. My phone lines were installed, the office is decorated. Big Man set up a small table and chairs for me for meetings this week, and I have plants! It is looking pretty good. So much effort by so many of my friends and family made this possible. Chang set up my website and email; Dave helped me choose equipment, move into the office, and work on the security of my network; Big Man, well--it goes without saying that none of this would be possible without him; Lisa was super about rent and office furniture, and so many others just pitched in to make it work in a really short time frame. Thanks, all.

And, this little miss is so much fun. She's talking up a storm, although we often don't know what she's saying. She marches up to me about every 8 seconds, book in hand for me to read to her. She spends tons of time with her books! Dani can identify her ears, eyes, nose, and can put her hands in the right spots when the little dog in the picture above sings "head, shoulders, knees and toes". I can ask her which book is "Baa Baa" (Baa baa black sheep) and she will retrieve it. She is very tuned in to my belly, putting her ear on it, patting it and lifting up my shirt to see it. I've been really encouraging this behavior....but she now is obsessed with everyone's bellies, from Big Man, who says "no baby in here Dani", to basically everyone she can get her hands on!
Now that things are set up, I can rejoin the real world, start reading the newspaper regularly, and tune back in to folks who are probably wondering why I fell off the map.
Had my 25 week baby doc visit on Friday, and all appears well, My c-section is tentatively scheduled for April 27!

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