Saturday, January 30, 2010

Buzzin' around

Somebody's been awfully happy lately, tearing through the house, screeching, chasing the cats and just being super fun.

We got grandma and grandpa hooked up with a webcam and Skype, and they get to say an in person hi to Dani every few days, which is really fun. And my bro just hooked up so I will get to see his litle guy tomorrow via Skype. It will be so much more fun in a few months when she can communicate better. Speaking of my folks--down in Hickory, NC, they have had more snow than we have this season which is unreal! They got another 8" yesterday, and we got nothing.

Big Man taught Dani to give kisses, which is the cutest thing ever. She hugs and kisses all her stufed animals, and Daddy, and sometimes me. She seems to think it is a game to lean in like she is going to kiss me and then laugh and turn away. He took this awesome pic in the crib yesterday:

Here's an example of the silly, happy baby we saw all day!

And a moment or so later, it continues:

Don't you love how effective it is when I say "no"? :)

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