Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions........a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. I've been hearing a lot about this New Year's thing, and even though I didn't get to stay up to watch some guy mommy calls the crypt keeper (but I think his name is really Dick Clark, sometimes mommy messes up people's names) drop a big ball on a bunch of kissing people, I decided to make some resolutions. That's what big kids do, I guess.
Resolution number 1.
I'm going to walk more. I can walk, you know. Sometimes it just seems faster to crawl. But, crawling's for babies, and I'm 1, so I really need to start walking more. Plus, mommy says I can't wear any of the dresses I got for Christmas until I walk because it's hard to crawl in them.

Resolution Number 2

Make friends with the gray cat. It sounds crazy, but the gray cat still hasn't warmed up to me. She always comes around when I am playing with mommy, and sometimes, If I am really quiet and still, I can pet her once. Usually I shriek and wave at her and she runs away. I don't get it. I'm really going to make more of an effort with that one this year. She clearly needs some love.

Resolution Number 3

Talking. I don't really see what the big deal is about this. Everyone seems to figure out what I want when I want it. I guess I'm pretty effective with my gesturing. But, I'm babbling all the time and no one seems to understand what I am saying. I'm getting a little tired of "mommy, daddy, kitty" as my schtick. I want to be able to talk to Grandpa and Grandma on the phone, so I really have to get working on this. Plus, I also need to tell mommy that I want to name the new baby Elmo.

Resolution Number 4

I learned that there's this thing called a potty. I've seen it. I've seen mommy use it. I guess I'm supposed to want to sit on it and pee instead of in my diapee. And then clean myself off or something instead of laying back and letting daddy and mommy take care of it. It sounds like a lot of work, with little payoff. I mean, what if I get my hands dirty? But, I decided that this year I'm going to try to figure out how to use it. That way I can show my baby sister who's the boss and who's the baby.....and I ain't the baby.

Well, it sounds like I have my work cut out for me this year. I'm a pretty smart kid so I figure I can handle it. Happy New Year everybody.

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