Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ch-ch-ch changes.

Lots of changes here on the B front!

First and foremost, I left my job to start my own law practice! Its incredibly exciting, but also terrifying...walking away from the known and comfortable, a salary and set something that is very much all mine, to create and build and hopefully grow and succeed. The undertaking has been tremendous, finding space, buying equipment, crunching numbers, making budgets and plans, but I'm up and running!

Dani and her little friend Mary, on a play date yesterday.

I'm blessed to have such an extremely supportive husband, family, friends and colleagues. Big Man has, as always, been nothing short of wonderful. From agreeing to take on even more of his already yeoman's share of things, by being the sole steady breadwinner (and probably having to work some OT), to bringing me coffee, breakfast and flowers this morning on his way home from work, he just rocks.

The new baby is starting to make her presence known--last night, Big Man could feel her kick with his hands on my belly. Dani even seems to be aware of her presence, which sounds crazy since she's so young, but I really believe she knows. I can ask her where the baby is, and she will lift my shirt, pat my belly and put her head on my belly. It's adorable--and she seems to want to always touch and pat my belly, so cute! She's really starting to communicate better, and is just so much fun.

All is well. I'll try to do better about the posting frequency (sorry Dad!). And, while I'm speaking of my most consistent reader, a big ol' happy birthday to my Dad, who turned 65 yesterday!