Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bad baby hates fries.

I am shocked to report that my baby is not a fan of fried potatoes, and is quite disinterested in fried anything these days, much to my dismay. Met a friend for lunch yesterday, at the Winner's Circle, a family owned restaurant I love. Trips to this restaurant were a Friday night occurrence most Fridays for the years I was in NY before the folks moved to NC. So, I'm pretty familiar with the place. They make the best chicken wings ever. Really. I think the secret ingredient must be crack. All I know is that I have never entered that restaurant and not eaten (and loved) a buffalo wing. My dad and I would always, always, always get them and share (love of wings, obviously an inherited trait). So, what would be better to order yesterday than wings (mild and extra crispy, natch) a side of fries, and a side salad (can't rely solely on the prenatal vitamins!)

Five wings in, I was done. And I barely made a dent in my fries. Bad baby discouraging mommy from eating deep fried goodness.

Big man has been working a slightly different schedule some days, 11pm to 7am instead of midnight to 8am. This means he rolls in at around 7:30am and I get to see him for a few minutes before I leave for work. Last night was the end of his week, and he had planned to have a hearty diner breakfast during his lunch hour--but duty called and he was too busy. So, he invited me to join him for breakfast at his fave local diner. I declined, as I was going to miss a chunk of work for a doc appointment and didn't want to be in late as well. So I get to work, eat my All Bran bar (ie shredded wood pulp with some sugary goo on top) and basically obsess for the next 30 minutes about what the big man's eating and how it is eons better than what I had. So, I call his cell, and on his way home, he drops by the office with a coffee, BK crossan'wich and hash browns. BK has the awesome deep fried tater tot-ish hash brown that I love. Until today. I ate two and chucked them.

A few hours later the baby made me eat a tomato sandwich on whole wheat with a side of fresh green beans and snap peas, followed by blueberries. Bad baby.


Jackie said...

hee hee made you eat a tomato sandwich! awesome

B, Esq. said...

Jack, the other veggies were the ones from your mom's garden. I may need to stop by and get me some more!