Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth fun

Went to Dave's for his 4th of July BBQ. Unfortunately, about 90 minutes in, after the charcoal grills were roaring, I had an awful allergy attack--which seem to be a pregnancy thing. I had to leave after about 40 minutes, a box of tissues, and tears that would not stop. I was quite a sight. So, big man never even really got to eat, as he came later than me after he woke up and showered! He took me home, fed me benadryl, and ended up boiling himself some hot dogs, despite my urging that he go back to the party without me. Dave and Uncle John each called offering to bring plates down, but I was in no shape for food and the big man graciously declined. Although today, he fessed up that he really was bummed to have missed all the tasty food.

Anyway, before I became a snot-nosed embarassment, I managed to snap a photo of the big man and a few others. The new camera rocks! The Kodak software has cool effects, and so I converted big man into a cartoon, which I suppose is okay to post. I thought it was so cool, I made him snap a head shot of me so I could be a B-toon. Big man thinks they look like hypercolored photos, but I think they look pretty neat. There's also a "coloring book" setting. This is big man toon:

Big man coloring book:

And B toon, above.

I LOVE the new camera, although the software makes my ancient laptop slow as hell!

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