Monday, July 14, 2008

Thumpety thump thump!

Had the 18 week baby visit today.

We got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!!! It was so cool. It is pretty atypical to be this far along and never heard the heartbeat, but because I was initially at a bit of a high risk, I got an ultrasound at every visit, which was awesome. So, we always saw the heartbeat, but never heard it. It was amazing how loud and strong it was--the nurse even went and got the big man out of the waiting room. (It was the exam and pap visit, so he opted not to watch the doc feel me up, so he wasn't in the room.)

We go back in two weeks for the detailed ultrasound, and the penis-spotting.

All genetic tests and bloodwork came back great so there's an 85% chance we aren't having a baby with birth defects or downs. I guess the ultrasound will help to confirm that. We've opted not to get to 100% certainty with an amnio because doc says that about 1 in 300 amnios causes a spontaneous miscarriage. Oh, and did I mention that the idea of a twelve inch needle inserted into my tummy makes me want to pee my pants?

Also, although I look pretty pregnant, I'm down about 7 pounds from the first visit to the doc. No one appears concerned about this trend, and given the fact that I'm a big girl to begin with, I sure can't afford to gain the customary baby weight, so the initial loss is a good thing.

In any event, all is well in the ol' womb. Life is good.

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