Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One thing I'm thankful for. (or ten)

(OK, we are back to screamy and swaddled and in the swing.)

I read a bunch of mommy blogs, and other people's blogs in general. I read these blogs of strangers and friends and realize how lucky we are, and how thankful I should be.

So without further adieu (and before Dani wakes up and screams), here are ten things I am thankful for:
1. Good health insurance. Dani's birth cost me exactly one $15 copay. Since she was born, I've only had one copay, apparently well-baby visits are covered!
2. Big Man's recession-proof(ish) job. He's a cop. In a city. He's senior enough that even if the City Council needed to lay cops off, he'd be okay.
3. I have a good boss and a reasonably secure job. My boss has a lot of great cases; I have some decent clients, and I think I'm reasonably safe, employment-wise, during this recession.
4. We have lots of family and friends who love us. Big Man's momma is planning an April trip out here. I talk to my mom and dad and grandma and brother and sis Amy all the time, and they are all loving and supportive. My far away friends understand why I don't call and barely email, and I love them all--Gina. Chang. Tara. Jessie. And so many more.
5. Lots of local friends and family that love us, spend time with us (and love to spend time with Dani).
6. I lost the baby weight plus lots.
7. My health. I'm pretty healthy (knock on wood). But, everyone in my family (Dad's side) gets bad cancer, and I've always been convinced I'd die young of it. Did my will before the first baby was lost. Want to give birth to another baby before it gets me. I hope I'm wrong on this one.
8. General Motors. Big Man's pimpin' 1994 Caddy is still not (too) rusty and running well--we haven't had to make a car payment in 2 years--hope the Caddy lasts (especially my less-than-pimpin' Buick is 5 years old, too).
9. Big Man. There could be no list without him. He is the single most thing I am thankful for. (yeah, before the kid. he made the kid.) He just does, and does, and works hard, and is tired, and still makes me dinner every night, and still makes me feel like a wife he loves in the brief moments we have together most days. Because he doesn't begrudge me my outside interests, and they are many, and take time away from home. Because, most of all, he's. always. loved. me.
10. cats. not like the musical, the animal. I have two. They are both over 10. They went from sleeping on the bed with me (one of them on me) to barely being petted. They are adjusting well to the baby--boy cat (scrubbie) just steers clear of baby but girl cat comes running (no lie) each time Dani cries, and wakes me up in the middle of each night (no lie) a few minutes before Dani cries by jumping on the bed and climbing on me.

All said, I'm a lucky girl, blessed to have a solid husband, healthy kid and stable jobs. We're doing okay. We will get through this economy (my IRA tanked like yours did), this baby stuff, this failed (so far) attempt to sell our damn house, and we will be okay.

So, friends, I'm sorry I owe you a call, but, at least I'm not asking you for money!


Royal-T said...

So very totally thankful for YOU and your friendship! Very nice post!

Andromeda said...

i might have to follow suit and do a 10 things i'm thankful for post too!

i'm with you on #2. thankfully my hubby has enough seniority that when they DO go to lay-off 67(!) cops (it's in the works right now) he won't be one of them.

great list. you have inspired me and if i can stay awake past 8 tonight, i might do my own list. it's been too long since i posted. partly because i'm trying not to post my news on my site yet. :)