Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day.

Dani's first Valentine's Day. Dad snapped a picture of her with her very first Valentine's card:
Big Man is home today; has the rare Saturday night off. We are going to grill some big ol's steaks and chill out.

Renewed my membership to BJs today, and managed to spend $373.00 dollars on everything from diapers to tissues to a collossal 60 ounce vat of Miracle Whip (which I hate but Big Man loves). You know, typical BJs, the multipak of deodorant, toothpaste, the three pack of 44 ounce bottles ketchup. Basically, I got everything on our grocery list, just in huge quanties. Sure, it cost a lot today, but I won't need to buy ketchup until 2010. Big Man is not a BJs believer--he says that just because they make it that big doesn't mean I have to buy it, but he will be thanking me when he never needs to buy toilet paper again, ever. I bought like a 30 pack. If the blizzard of the century hits, we will still be able to wipe. :) I did draw the line at the box of 1,500 packets of Sweet N Low; we're not running a diner! (plus I hate the pink stuff, but Big Man uses it to make the most sickly sweet coffee).
Big Man finally snapped a pic of a real smile:
She had a bath, and we made a little baby mohawk:

Mommy had a grownup night out last night. The Mayor and I went to a reception for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, only the Senator didn't make it--the vote on the stimulus package went late. So, we had free food and drinks, and the promise of a comped ticket to a reception in the very near future! Daddy had a grownup night too--local nana Debi picked Dani up (we had a spare car seat, so Big Man installed it in her car) and Dani spent a few hours with Debi and Glenn, and daddy got to play an uninterrupted game or three of Madden football. A good time was had by all.
Time to get grillin' our delmonicos are calling!

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