Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another first.

Last night, Dani had a bottle around 4:45pm. She went down around 6:30pm, and I didn't wake her to change/feed her around 9:30 like I usually do. I figured if I has to wake up early, so be it, but I wanted to see how long she'd sleep. She went to sleep like this:

(It may be hard to actually spot the baby in the field of dots!)

Around 5:30am I heard movement and went into her room and found this:
(I know, lots of dots!) But yes, baby on tummy! Too sleepy to figure out how to get back over!

Sleepy baby says, help me flip over!
Then, we got up, had a bottle, and had some fun in mommy's bed with Mr. Frog.

Also hit baby's first garage sale today were we got a ton of clothes and toys for $5! Woo hoo!

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