Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got pricked.

Don't hurt my mommy!

Today, I went to the allergist to try to figure out why I am always sniffling and sneezing. Wow, it sucked.

30 pricks on my forearms, and then 10 injections in my upper arms. I'm extremely allergic to cats (good thing I have two), dust mites and tree pollens, mildly allergic to dogs and some other stuff. None of this news was a surprise. Got some allergy meds, let's hope they help. The red and swollen = allergic.

I can't believe we are leaving for Chicago next week. I have so much work to do before I go. I'm a little worried about a road trip with a baby and Big Man, but we will see.......let's just say Big Man and I have different traveling styles. I'm the stop at every interesting thing I see type, and Big Man stops for gas. period. Ugh. At least I'm reasonably confident the baby will need frequent stops.
status = not pregnant
better luck in June...

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Sara Rose said...

I keep thinking I should go see an allergist. I've had rotten allergies the past few years and cannot seem to find anything that really helps. Just not sure I want to go through the annoyance of being pricked 50 bajillion times.

**BTW- Sandra Lee just got given another show and signed a new book deal. I will be blogging my hatred of this fact soon. xoxo!**