Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day thought

When I was pregnant, I used to joke that I wasn't worried if I'd be able to handle being a mom because crackheads and teenagers do it all the time and the kids turn out okay. Really, I wasn't worried because I had such a great example in my mom. (love you mom!)

Today, I learned that Dani is a fiend for prunes. Flailing her arms eating them as fast as I will give her spoonfuls. For her sake (and mine) I only gave her 1/2 jar in hopes of avoiding the great diaper blowout of 2009.

Two videos, here. Dani enjoying the heck out of her bouncy bounce:

And, Dani, getting ready for a nap today.

That's all. Off to eat some chocolate or something.

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Sara Rose said...

When Eva was a baby, she loved loved loved prunes. I think she ate a container everyday. Actually prunes are less prone to give diaper blowouts than applesauce, apple juice, or grapes. Eva's nastiest blowouts were from those things. Man.