Saturday, May 2, 2009

An overnight addition.

Big Man came home this morning and asked me if I put a bird's nest on the deck (no). On our
back deck there's a shelf about 5' high, which holds my little radio/cd player we use when we are grilling. Looks like some birds were busy in the past 24 hours! I said we should leave it to see if baby birds arrive. Big Man predicts that if we leave it, we will be dealing with head-level angry mommy birds trying to attack our faces as we walk in the back door. Not too sure what we are going to do with it, but it's here for now. It's amazing when you see them up close how much work must go into them.

Dani and I went to the mall today; I needed to go to the Sprint store. I'm feeling much better today, so the huge list of things I had to do today seemed way less daunting. Any trip out means no sleepers on the kiddo--woo hoo!

It's nice and sunny, and just feels good to take the kid outside. I unpacked all her summer clothes today, in anticipation of the upcoming warm!

Another Dani first today--her first meat (stage 1 turkey in turkey broth). She could not contain her disgust. I snuck in a few bites between the sweet 'taters which she seems to enjoy.
Sweet potato face makes Dani look like the Joker:
Big Man got to sleep during the day, so he's actually up and around for the next few hours! :)

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debbyk said...

big man is right - he is the same height as don and don has gotten attacked twice already this week - we have a nest on the front porch in the corner with mommy and daddy - you and i are safe cause apparently they won't swoop, but they do take off straight out of the nest:-) don has moved the nest twice, though and they just rebuild:-(