Thursday, May 7, 2009

More video!

Took a couple of videos of Dani tonight. She's already sleeping because Big Man had to clear out so someone could look at our house so she had no afternoon nap; they stayed for about 5 minutes before informing our realtor that our house was "too much work for the money". Honestly? Are they $%*^(& kidding me? We've got it listed for $20k below our appraisal, and we've done a ton to the GD house. Oh well. Someone will buy it. Or not. Until the sellers cancel our purchase contract, we've got to keep it on the market. At this point, I'm wildly indifferent.

I'm posting one vid of Dani. I'm working up the courage to post the second, but I'm singing to her and am feeling a little shy about it...

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