Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some thoughts about our vacation.

Our road trip was pretty good, great to see everyone, but the means of transportation and the frequency of venue changes certainly could have been improved upon. For example, I kept telling Big Man not to let Dani actually touch the hotel comforter. I've seen plenty of 20/20 episodes and have learned that those spreads are covered with spermy badness. Yet, we let our drooly 5 month old have some tummy time:

Dani may be the only child who does not sleep in the car. Some parents put their kids in the car to make them sleep--not our kid! Big Man kept telling her that all babies sleep in cars and she should do the same, but to no avail. The only time she slept was from 9pm on, on the ride home in the car. Other than that, it was just catnaps for about 30 minutes, every few hours. But, the one weird thing is that she won't sleep in anywhere but a crib or bed setting (since about 4 months). That means no falling asleep while being held, etc...............both a blessing and a curse.

We will never take another road trip without a minivan. There, I said it. All my earlier hopes that I would be a cool mommy driving a station wagon or crossover are dashed. We are, at some point when the pimpin' caddy dies or needs a new repair job, going to get a minivan. And, I will test how well I can sleep in the back to decide which one I want. It was pretty uncomfy trying to sleep in the back of the LeSabre--despite the huge pillow and numerous blankets I had with me. I will definitely find a mommy-friendly setup next time.

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