Tuesday, May 26, 2009

B and Chang's Excellent Adventure.

I went to Lincoln Park yesterday with Big Man and Dani to see Chang. After a brief visit, Big Man and Dani left me at Chang's for the day.
It was so great to see him--he's one of my closest friends, and it had been way too long--almost 2 years! One of those friends that when you see them, it is like no time has elapsed since you saw them last. Chang rules.

We went out to lunch, and to the Lincoln Park zoo, which is right across the street from his place, then out for super yummy Thai food for dinner. Let's just say it was an interesting day at the zoo. The lions were a little frisky:

Yep. Bounp-chicka-boump-boum.

Actual conversation that occurred after the aforementioned lion romp. Little boy was about 5 years old.

Kid: Mommy, why did the lion do that?

Mother: Because he's a naughty boy.

Fun times at the zoo.

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