Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dip, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. I wanted to tell you about something I learned! Have you ever heard of ketchup? It is super yummy and you can dip your food in in and it makes everything taste all ketchupy and yummy. It even makes your fingers taste yummy. At dinner tonight, mommy and daddy let me have my own bowl of ketchup.
It was so yummy I rubbed it on my arms and face so I could lick it off. Some might have gotten in my hair too, and on my clothes. I heard daddy tell mommy that it was a bad idea for mommy to give me my own ketchup, but he was wrong--it was a great idea! Afterwards, mommy made me go in the shower with her to get the ketchup off. I sure love ketchup!

And, look at this--Tori's not crying. In fact, she was smiling at me so I took this picture. She still cries a lot, but when she smiles it makes me happy. Almost as happy as my own bowl of ketchup.

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