Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids say the darndest things.

Dani is talking up a storm. She runs through the house naming objects, and parrots back most everything we say. It is absolutely adorable, but there are some things, I don't quite know how to address.

She refers to all men as "daddy". This means that when we are at the grocery store, or anywhere, she points to people and calls out "daddy". Kind of makes for some awkward moments.

Today, at breakfast, Dani was using her fork, pretty successfully. She was managing to poke her eggs and sausage and get it to her mouth on most attempts. She was waving the fork in the air triumphantly after every bite and saying "f*ck". We know she meant fork, but it sure sounded like she was throwing f-bombs at the table. This should make for interesting glances from strangers in the event we take her out to eat.

To keep with the awkward theme, here's a shot taken at dinnertime last night. Dani's less than thrilled about the baby on her lap.

Sadly, I'm missing a party that friends are having as I type--a big one--30th, 50th birthdays and a MSW graduation! After multiple unsuccessful attempts, Dani has still not taken a nap, and she would be a train wreck if I tried to take her anywhere until she does. I'm not letting her out of her crib again until she sleeps--which should be for a few hours when she finally gives in. She still hasn't taken a bath today, so by the time she gets up, gets clean and dressed for going out, and eats something, it will be dinnertime or later--factor in a 30 minute drive and we're almost at bedtime.... Sorry Tom and Ali--wishing you all the best on your big day!

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